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Prostate Cancer molecular level

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    I have searched the web for some movies available but I found none, I need them for my coming presentation, I really worried, plz help me if possible.

    thanks a buch
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    You may not find "movies" regarding the molecular biology of prostate cancer, but there is plenty of information out there that could be adapted to a presentation (close to 800,000 hits on google for "molecular biology of prostate cancer"). Were you specifically told to find movies about your particular subject or just give a presentation? If this is for a school course or similar thing, you are going to learn a lot more and come off with a better presentation if you collect as much info as you can, digest it and synthesize it into a presentation that fits your particular needs, rather than just showing some movies someone else made.

    Here are a couple of sites I found that look promising. Cancer Genetics web (scroll down a bit to find molecular section), Nature review article, http://www.research.ucla.edu/chal/99/dday/article04.htm[/URL], [PLAIN]http://prg.nci.nih.gov/prostate/prgbiol.html[/URL] (great info).
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    10q very much

    thats just a group presentation. i'll foloow ur advice
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