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Protecting groups

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    I am unsure of how to utilize protecting groups in organic synthesis problems. What would be an immediate sign to the trained eye that one should use a protecting group such as TBDMS-Cl?
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    What is the purpose of protecting groups (PG)?
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    To protect something from being reduced completely
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    Look for an alcohol that you want to keep in addition to a carbonyl that you want to reduce
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    • Draw the reagents you can use for protecting different functional groups.
    • Notice the similar structures between different reagents used to protect a single functional group.
    • Identify the something (functional group) you want to protect.
    • Select a reagent you have available for protecting that functional group.
    • Push arrows.

    Here is wiki's list of functional groups and their protecting groups:

    When I see TBDMS-Cl, I see a radical Cl anion waiting to react with an acidic hydrogen,usually in a hydroxyl group.
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