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News Protection from civil law suites

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    Just thinking about those people like Eminem who people keep trying to sue, and end up having to pay huge amounts of money in legal bills to defend themselves. I was wondering if there are any laws to protect someone from having to pay this if they are found.. (whatever the civil-law equivalent of not-guilty is) anywhere, and wether anyone thinks we should/shouldn't have one.
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    Anybody can sue ... It's a right.

    However, there are a few things protecting the 'defendant':

    The person can be fined for presenting a frivilous or malicious lawsuit.
    The person who loses is often required to pay the defendant's costs.
    The person suing opens themselves to a countersuit.​
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    :tongue2: I'm looking for a 3 BR (mother-in) law suite
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    Of course.
    This is.. China? The US? I'm not aware of any such laws in Canada, and will be looking into it.
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    In the US, if you fail to sue someone, they can sue you back for legal fees. Thats one method I know of
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    Doesn't do you much good when the person who brought suit doesn't have enough money to cover your legal fees.
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    Actually it does because the courts can then garnish their wages for the rest of their lives.

    It may not solve your immediate problem but it can sure give you a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you made their lives a living hell.

    Think of that woman who sued Wendy's over the errant finger ... she's going to do TIME!!!

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