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Protein expression in the mammalian cells

  1. Mar 22, 2005 #1
    # Do I need mRNA destabilization signals for my gene expression? If so where should I add it?

    # It says; "cDNA are often obtained by addition of homopolymeric tails into the 5’ non coding region which should be removed.” Which homopolymeric tails are usually used for this purpose?

    # Which sequences on the 3’ end that reduce mRNA stability?

    # It says that some genes need introns for expression hence I have to add it in my cDNA. How do introns look like and where should I add it?

    # Should splicing sequences be already on the plasmid or should I add it on my insert? Should I add it only when I have introns on my insert or should i always have to add it? If so where should I add it on my insert? How do the splicing sequences be like?

    Thanks for any inputs. o:)
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