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Protein Powder and Beef Powder

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    I've adopted a Vegetarian diet and I'm wondering about Protein Powder and Beef Powder. I'm assuming Protein Powder does not contain meat, but does Beef Powder? I was looking at a package of Vegetarian bacon which listed beef powder as an ingredient.
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    Protein powder could include meat, unless it is sold as vegetarian. The vegetarian "beef powder" contains no meat.
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    :confused: If it's called "beef powder," what does it contain if not beef? Is it just chemical flavoring?
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    Why would you eat powdered meat?? That just sounds so gross. I heard fruits have all the protein you need anyways.
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    Yeah, like all tofu hot dogs and hamburgers Moonbear! Uhh yeah, powdered meat kinda sounds like a steak milkshake, and no, I don't think fruits have near enough protien... beans have some, but for serious protein, you need meat.
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    Fruits are an extremely poor source of protein. For example a 6 ounce portion of sirloin steak has 51.7 grams of protein, a 6 oz portion of turkey breast has 59.3 grams of protein, an orange has 1.4 grams of protein, an apple. 0.3 grams, this is the same for all fruit.

    Although beans are a bit higher in protein, a cup of kidney beans only has 16.2 grams of protein and they are an incomplete protein, meaning that they do not provide all of the essential amino acids.

    The body requires about 20 amino acids for the synthesis of protein. The body can only manufacture 13 of these. Nine of the essential amino acids can only be obtained from food we eat.

    Meat is a complete protein.

    You can "create" complete proteins by combining certain non-meat foods such as rice and beans, corn and beans, wheat and milk, etc...

    If you decide to cut meat out of your diet, you need to read up on FACTUAL information on nutrition, and understand what your body needs and how you can supply the necessary nutrients.
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    Good lord! Dude put some real food in your body! If you want protein without eating meat eat a combindation of nuts, bread (yes it has protein look at the lable), milk (unless you're vegan), potatos, beans and rice. You don't have to eat all of these every day but you should have a few servings of each of these every week, atleast.

    I'm on the big and muscular side and meat only makes up about 20-30% of my diet (40% if you count dairy, hey I love my milk). Meat (good meat, particularly kosher meats) should take up about 10-30% of your diet and you'll be healthy. The other percent of your diet should be mostly vegetables and grains, along with some dairy if you like.

    Good snack food with lots of protein: Cashews! Damn they're good! Almonds are also good too.
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