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Protein Synthesis

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    I need to write a summary paragraph on Protein Synthesis. So far, this is what I have written:

    The purpose of protein synthesis in gene expression is fundamental to who we are. DNA within a cell codes for protein synthesis. This protein synthesis is facilitated by messenger RNA strands, which transcribe the DNA code for one gene length, and then passes through a pore in the nuclear membrane and into the cytoplasm. Once in the cytoplasm, the mRNA creates polypeptide chains with the help of ribosomes. These polypeptide chains are simply proteins made out of amino acids. Depending on the sequence and types of amino acids in the polypeptide chains, different proteins will be formed that will cause the cells to form different structures.

    Is this all correct? I'm gathering my information from many different sources, biology is not my major, and it's been YEARS since I've had a biology class. I'm not sure that everything I've written is correct. Please help.

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    A gene is part of the DNA strings that can be found in ech cell's nucleus, the gene is a code for how to build a protein, that is it encodes the order of the amino acids. The proteins in turn can have one of several function in an organims, and so determines partly what the organism is.

    The actual procces that makes the proteins is consists of two steps. The first step is called transcription, in this step the DNA is transcribed to RNA. The second step is called translation, in this step the RNA is translated to a protein. Transcription takes place within the cell's nucleus, translation takes place in the cytoplasma with the help of ribosomes.

    A protein is a chain of amino acids joined by so-called pepetide bonds. Parts of a protein or a whole protein is often called a polypeptide. The order of the nucleotides in the DNA chain determines the order of nucleuotides in the RNA and this determines the order of aminoacids in the protein. So the different order of the nucleotides in the different genes makes them code for different proteins.
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    Thank you for the help. I appreciate the distinctions you pointed out.
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