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Proto-typing Wire

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    In my last job the repair chap was always 'lashing-up' buggered pathways with very fine aluminium wire maybe say what looked like 0.25mm^2 or less. Does anyone know for sure what size of wire I should use for building prototype breadboards, and where can I get some?


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    I usually use 30AWG wire wrap wire, especially the Kynar insulated type. That's for when I'm soldering small-signal stuff on a prototype board (usually it's 0.1" centered holes, plated through, with ground plane on one side). For plug-boards, I use 24AWG solid wire.

    The nice thing about the Kynar wire wrap wire, is that you can strip one end twice the length of a normal strip, then cut the wire to length, and hold the stripped end with your tweezers and roll/push the insulation 1/2 way up so that now both ends are stripped. Much easier than trying to strip the 2nd end of a dinky piece of wire that is no longer attached to the spool.

    Digikey and Mouser both carry wire, as would Radio Shacks or Frys or other general electronics stores.
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    Just bought some of the stuff you told me about after seeing your post, thanks for the recommendation :wink:
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