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Proton accelerator

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    my room mate's dating this guy that told me a pretty interesting story recently. him and a few of his buddies got together and made a proton accelerator out of some bitter magnets in a night. he made a "proton generator" out of ionizing hydrogen in a light bulb. one of them is an advanced electrician and tapped his residential block for power, how much they used? he never said. apparently when they turned it on it caused the air inside to distort kinda like heat waves. now im guessing here, but i think what was happening is the ions in the air were being pushed around the mag field. anyways before they did anything cool he mentioned he had a 6th grade teacher who married bill nye, so he called her up, asked for some advice and she replied "here just talk to my husband". last thing i remember is him telling me they stuck a 2ft rod of everthread between the magnets and it shot through the garage wall, they found it 800ft down the way... after a few more seconds the magnets exploded. sad. apparently bill said they caused oxidation, making the air explode. (thats a fractured memory, dont take that as doctrine)

    just thought I'd share
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    Vanadium 50

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    None of that is true.
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