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Proton NMR & Integration Values

  1. Sep 8, 2009 #1
    I am attempting to identify an organic "mystery compound." Having run both IR and mass spectrometry, I conjecture that the compound has a molecular mass of ~130 amu and possesses at least one -OH group. C8H18O fits this profile nicely, but no isomers of which I can conceive are commensurate with the proton NMR data, which yields the following integration values: 1:2:2:3:10. Once again, this corroborates the proposed empirical formula, but what sort of structural configuration gives 10 identical hydrogens??
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    9 would be obvious, no idea for 10.

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    Does you NMR data include j-splitting information? Is that 10-proton region split into a mess of peaks? What are the chemical shifts that correspond to the 1:2:2:3:10 pattern?
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