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Proton sink?

  1. May 8, 2006 #1
    Ok, so i was talking to someone regarding the use of NH4Cl for the disruption of endosomal acidosis of proteins. ( Late endosomes decrease in pH to release receptors from their ligands during Endocytosis of cell signalling). I wagered that the NH4Cl was acting as some sort of channel blocker for the influx of Protons and they stated that they read it acts as a "Proton sink" buy crossing the endosomal membrane (very hydrophobic) and inhibiting the influx of protons.
    i asked what the hell a proton sink is and they just replied that that wasnt important just accept that it is a proton sink and it is easier to understand.
    Well, F' That SH#t man. I want to know what a proton sink is and how NH4Cl, a very polar salt is a: going to cross the endosomal membrane (without the aid of a proton channel) and b: going to elicite a "proton sink" whatever that is.....
    Anyone want to explain the proton sink idea to me cause I have no idea what that means.
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