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Proton structure

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    I hear about a process called DVCS ("Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering") which should allow access to new distributions of parton called "generalized" distributions. Does someone know what's new about those "GPD" ?
    DVCS at JLab Hall-A
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    OK, I see nobody really cares about quarks phenomenology. So I'm gonna answer to myself. I am squatting your forum. (^_^)

    I read that GPD would actually allow one to compute the T_\mu\nu of the partons ! (Energy-Momentum tensor) From a "naive" point of view, the only other way I can imagine to measure T_\mu\nu for the partons would be graviton scattering ! Therefore, my question was precisely : what physical quantity can be accessed through GPD (besides T_\mu\nu of partons) and what else remain to be measured inside a nucleon (or generally speaking a hadron), apart from what can be accessed with GPD ?
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