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Homework Help: Protons and electrons

  1. Sep 4, 2010 #1
    Hi! frends
    plz help....My question is just to know why electrons revolve arround the nucleus while protons stay inside the nuclesu.whats the reason behind...?
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    There are two simple reasons:

    (1) Protons are ~2000 times heavier than electrons.
    (2) Protons respond to the strong nuclear force, and electrons do not.

    Of course, this will probably prompt a new round of why....
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    I am not sure what you are asking about, I guess there is some misconception behind your question.

    Protons are PART of the nucleus. Simplest nucleus is just a single proton.

    Why do you think protons COULD orbit the nucleus?

    Protons mass is about 1830 times higher than the mass of electron, so for obvious reasons electrons are the ones that have to move much more. Note that - assuming they are just orbiting - they would not orbit around the nucleus, but around mass center.

    Edit: phyzguy basically addressed same things while I was composing my post, but I believe we approach the answer from a slightly different perspective, so I will left what I wrote.
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    thnx for but phyzguy! ..why protons do so n elctrons no response to nuclear forse....plz help
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    Nobody really knows why the elementary particles have the properties that they do. That's just the way the universe is.
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