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Protons through the brain!

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    I see this has already been discussed, so I'll go away now.

    ps. Someone remind me to read this on Monday.

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    That's one way to get a positive charge.
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    Remind you so that you don't attempt this at home - or anywhere else.

    Back in the day, we used to joke about light emitting gonads. I had to do with standing astride particle accelerators.

    Actually, so folks used to 'sight' beams. The eventually developed cataracts.

    Radiation is harmful to the body. Radiation should be respected for what it is.

    Humans are 'low energy' life forms. We live in a very narrow band of tolerances with respect to temperature, water and oxygen.
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    I would've expected a bunch of random people voluntarily stick their heads into a running particle accelerator by now
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    I expected him to turn into Dr Manhattan. That would've been cool.
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