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Prototype design

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    i need a prototype design tat can carry a baby pram safely and park it inside a car. In other words the back 3 seats of the car now reduced to 2 The baby pram is now occuping the 3rd seat. Can some give me a step by step design with dimensions and everythin included as soon as possible. Thank You. :!!) :smile:
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    Your question is a bit vague. I'll be glad to assist you, but you have to provide at least a sketch or photo of the pram and the interior of the vehicle, along with the dimensions. If you're thinking of using this as a mobile car seat, don't. It wouldn't meet safety requirements.
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    LOL, you want us to design this entire invention, make out the dimensioned engineering drawings, and then give it to you... classy :rolleyes:
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    Not only that, but ASAP... chop! chop! Time's-a-wastin'. Sounds like some of the non-engineering managers where I work! :yuck:

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    Yeah, there's a bit of presumptiousness there. As I said, I'll be glad to assist in working out a solution. I will not, however, submit to demands.
    While I'm at it, I will point out that everything posted on PF belongs to Greg. For instance, the toroid winding machine that I'm designing for Jason is intended for public consumption. If anyone tries to patent it, then they'd have a legal fight on their hands. Push comes to shove, the rights belong to Greg. While I don't know him personally, I think that he'd do the right thing and either turn it over to public domain or share the profits by expanding PF even further.
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