Protozoan cultures

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    I am trying to observe protozoas under microscope but the place I live doesn't have pond waters or such types of still waters.I want to make a culture.Yes,I have tried to make it by putting dried grass,yeast,soil,leaves etc. but it seems protozoans hate this kind of waters(Nothing except bacteria is visible)

    So,how do I prepare a culture suitable for the kingdom of protista?
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    I see.The water I used was drinking water.It contains some chloride and magnesium ions.Maybe thats the problem.Is it okay to boil the water,will chloride and magnesium ions go away?

    Furthermore,I am very curious to know how there microorganisms suddenly come from no where(to the water)
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    Chlorides and magnesium should be not a problem, however, drinking water can contain chlorine used as disinfectant. But yes, boiling it before use should help (actually it is part of most recipes for cultures I have seen).

    Organisms don't come from nowhere - spores and cysts are present everywhere, in the air, on the grass surface and so on. And they are quite resistant, they can sit for years waiting for a correct conditions.
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