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Homework Help: Prove by definition a limit

  1. Apr 1, 2010 #1
    Can someone please help me prove the following limit using epsilons and deltas?
    [PLAIN]http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/503/limesn.jpg [Broken]

    I'll be most thankful for any help :)
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    Split the problem up. Find a delta for the rationals, and then find a delta for the irrationals. Then just take the minimum of the two deltas. It's just a combination of two problems you probably already know how to do.
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    Can someone perhaps show me the deltas that apply? I'm not sure i'm doing it absolutely right.
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    If you are not sure you are doing it absolutely right, then, hopefully, you are doing something! Show us what you are doing and we will try to help.
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    I'm unsure how to handle the fact the x belongs to Q or doesn't belong to Q and how it affects the solution. The problem is that I have to give a solid proof using the definition and I don't know how it changes things.

    Is this correct?
    lim x+2=1 as x->(-1)

    I need to show that 0<|x+1|<delta => |f(x)-L|=|x+2-1|=|x+1|<?epsilon
    so if I choose delta=epsilon the condition will stand.
    is this okay?

    and what about lim x^2 as x->(-1)
    if 0<|x-1|<delta then i need to show that for every epsilon,
    |x^2 -1|<epsilon
    but |x^2-1|=|x-1||x+1|<|x+1|
    so if I choose delta=epsilon+1 this will work.

    Did i choose the correct deltas?
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    The first one is ok. For the second one you want |x^2-1|=|x-1|*|x+1|<epsilon. But |x-1|*|x+1| isn't less than |x+1|. Make sure delta is always less than 1, eventually say delta=min(1,...). Then since |x+1|<1, -2<x<0. Then |x-1| is between 1 and 3.
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    Let me see if I understand.
    since |x+1|<1 then 1<|x-1|<3 and then we can see more clearly that |x^2-1|=|x-1||x+1|<|x+1| (because |x-1| is bigger than |x+1|).

    so we get |x+1|<?epsilon
    and thus delta=epsilon-1

    so in the end we'll take delta=min(1, epsilon-1)?
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    |x-1||x+1| isn't less than |x+1|. I already told you this. If x=(-2), |x-1|=3. 3*|x+1| isn't less than |x+1|.
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