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Prove the maclaurin equations

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    Who can prove the maclaurin equations:
    ln(1+kv/mg)= kv/mg - k^2v^2/2m^2g^2 +....
    tellme at aminr@tebyan.net :smile:
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    Generally we don't give answers on this forum, just help people along.

    Do you know how to create and/or prove maclaurin equations?

    If so you know you could just let x = kv/mg and look at ln(1 + x) about x = 0.
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    Cute! Back in the General Physics forum amin is telling people that if they post their questions on his website, he will answer them! I wonder if he is planning to do that by posting them himself here!

    Amin, do you know the general formula for the MacLauring series (i.e. Taylor series about x= 0)?
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