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Proving 4 vectors!

  1. Oct 21, 2013 #1
    In books, it is always posted that velocity (dx[itex]^{i}[/itex]/dt) is not a 4 vector. While du[itex]^{i}[/itex]/ds and momentum are 4 vectors.. But it is never proved.

    How to prove this?? I am not finding anyway to it.

    You're my last hope!
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    Simon Bridge

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    Thank you for the reply, but can you tell me which one to use? I mean which formula from the two links?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Do not apply formulas - test the properties of a 4-vector.
    If you do not know how a 4-vector transforms, then learn and revisit the problem of a proof later.
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    Oh thank you! You mean that if I took the proper time and divided that by ds = cdt [itex]\sqrt{1-(v^2/c^2)}[/itex] I should get the 4 components of U. And I say that yes, these looks like (dA^0, dA^1, dA^2, dA^3) as in your link so it is a 4 vector. Right?
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    sorry I meant if I took Ui and divided that by ..
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