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Proving a group is infinite

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    I'm trying to show that there is not one sentence (formula) that if a group satisfies this formula it is equivalent to the group being infinite. I can show this in a hap hazard way analogous to the same problem in the empty language , but how do you use the fact that the model is a group and there are arbitrarily large groups?
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    Let s be a sentence such that for all groups G, G models s iff G is infinite. Then a group G models ~s iff G is finite. So every finite group models ~s, and so

    {~s} U {axioms of group theory}

    has arbitrarily large finite models (since there are arbitrarily large finite groups). But a standard compactness argument yields that

    {~s} U {axioms of group theory}

    has an infinite model G which would be a group that models both s and ~s, contradiction.
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