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Homework Help: Proving hyperbolic trig formula

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    hello everyone..could you please help me with these 2:

    cosh^2 X=(cosh (2X)+1)/2

    sinh(X+Y)=sinh X.cosh Y+cosh X.sinh Y
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    How about using the definitions of cosh and sinh in terms of exponentials and use some standard rules for exponents? Show your work!
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    Even easier : what relationships do you know between the usual trigonometric functions of imaginary variables and the hyperbolic trig functions of those variables ? The problem can be reduced to simple compond angle trig.
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    Here it is for circular trig. functions:


    From here, you can solve for [itex]\cos^2{x}[/itex] and you will have your answer for circular functions. Now, apply this to hyperbolic functions.
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    thanks for your help...
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