Proving Stirling's formula help

  1. proving Stirling's formula.. help plz

    How can I prove Stirling's formula?

    n!= integral from 0 to inf. exp(-t) t^n dt= n^n exp(-n) (2 pi n)^0.5

    there's a hint to use the substitution t=ny & ln(1+y) = y- 0.5 y^2

    I tried to use it but I couldn't intgrate.. I tried integrating by parts but it became more complicated.. :frown:

    Can anyone help?

    (How can I write the mathematical symbols here?)

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    Another approach would be to use the method of steepest descent. Basically, you can find where [itex]t^n e^{-t}[/itex] is a maximum and observe that the most significant contribution to the integral comes from near that maximum.
  5. Thanks for helping.. but I should uuse the substitution t=ny..

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  7. Thanks alot..
  8. Re: proving Stirling's formula.. help plz

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