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Homework Help: Proving (vector analysis)

  1. Feb 9, 2010 #1
    104. If a, b, c and a’, b’, c’ are such that
    a’• a = b’• b = c’• c = 1
    a’• b = a’• c = b’• a = b’• c = c’• a = c’ • b =0

    Prove that it necessarily follows that
    a^'= (b x c)/(a• bxc) , b^'= cxa/(a•bxc) ,
    c^'= axb/(a•bxc)
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    Try to figure out the direction of a' with respect to b and c. What will be the direction of bxc with respect to a'?
    Now figure out the length of bxc using |a|, |a'| and the angle between a and a',
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