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Proximity sensor devise HELP

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    Proximity sensor devise HELP !!!

    Hi all i'm new on here and this is my first post,

    I would like to set up a sensor devise where when there isn't a object in the way of the sensor there will be a green light on a panel the other side of a building and when a object moves into the way of the sensor the green light will turn off and a red light will turn on on the same panel. From browsing the net i've gathered i'd need some sort of proximity sensor with a cat5 cable wired back to the panel. Also i'd like to add i only want the sensor to have a metre or so range and be direct not a spread out range like a PIR.

    If anyone knows of any products that are out there that would suit this plan or any information on how or wether it would work would be great. Also if this could be done wirelessly it would save the hassle of wiring!!!!

    Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Re: Proximity sensor devise HELP !!!

    Welcome to the PF.

    In response to a similar thread a week or so ago, a person came up with a great idea -- how about the sensor that is used on garage doors to stop the door coming down when somebody walks into the doorway? It's an optical beam of some sort, with a transmitter on one side, and the receiver on the other (or maybe there are some with both TX and RX together on one side, and only an optical cube corner at the other side. Would something like that work for you?
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    Re: Proximity sensor devise HELP !!!

    There are lots of sensors out there that will do what you want. Check out SMC and Banner for some starting places. You can find both through beam and reflective sensors that will serve your purpose. The problem of sending the result to your display lights is a separate one. CAT5 implies a LAN connection which implies a computer or 2 involved. It may be cheaper and simpler to get a simple PLC to read your sensor state and set the correct indicator state. You will need wires running the distance between.
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    Re: Proximity sensor devise HELP !!!

    hay berkeman and integral cheers for the replys.:smile:

    ye i thought about the garage door sensors but i want the sensor on the ceiling and couldn't have another sensor on the floor as it would be a trip hazzard! health & safety ay!!!:zzz: lol. good idea in principle but i havent got a clue about where to start really! may have to get a design company involved i think!
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    Re: Proximity sensor devise HELP !!!

    There are types of PIR sensors that only have about a metre range, and are very directional. I saw them in this package: Click here for DigiKey link

    Basically, there are two types: MP and MA. You would be looking at the MA type, quote: "... this sensor emits infrared rays from an LED. Using the reflection of those rays, the sensor measures the distance to the person (object) and detects whether or not it exists within a specific distance."

    Take a look at it :)
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    Re: Proximity sensor devise HELP !!!

    wetmelon thats a brilliant bit of information i really do appriciate it.

    Do you know how i could send this signal from the motion sensor to a panel wirelessly? i was thinking of these somehow as there cheap! http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=267236 do you think this would work.

    once that problems solved i have to sort out the panel end!!!

    as i say any help will be great.
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