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PS2 and wireless network

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    I'm planning on setting up a wireless network at home and i'm wondering if it will be possible to connect my PS2 to the router wirelessly. I'd like to avoid running 200 feedt of cable to my computer room from the living room if possible. does anyone know if they make wireless ports for such a setup or if on of the wireless usb adapters would work? thanks for the help.
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    Something like this:

    http://www.linksys.com/splash/wetplaystation.asp [Broken]
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    let's assume i'm on a budget. is there a way to do this without spending $150 on the router and another $100 or so on the ethernet link. i'm starting to think it might be easier just to buy the cable and run the thing through the attic.
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    Do you have DSL? Bellsouth provides a home netwrking service that allows you to use Plain Old Telephone Lines as a DSL connection where the only items needed are a phone jack, 2-Wire adapter, and 10 dollars more a month. With one account you can connect any device without running legnthy cables.

    Perhaps the other Bell companies provide this. I guess it would cost more in the long run but much less at the begining.
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    I haven't yet purchased a router, but i have been looking and I am expecting to pay somewhere between $20 and $60. It all depends on what is available when I close on my house. I was looking for a quick way to connect the PS2 to the router which will be in another room. It seems like it might easier to by an extra long ehternet cable and run it through the attic and down the wall. Unless i just put the modem and router where the PS2 is and that would only require me to get a short cable. the computers will be connected wirelessly anyway. Oh well, thanks for the help.
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