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PSAT's are next month

  1. Sep 19, 2004 #1
    Hey all

    You know PSAT's are next month. What is the best way to study for them? I am using BARRONS NEW PSAT's prep book. I am having the most trouble in writing. How should I study for the writing section?

    Any replies would greatly be appreciated!

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    Taking a ton of practice tests in writing and reasoning out every one you don't understand carefully is probably the best way. There's probably no other way to learn all the nuances of the English language in preparation for the test unless you had magically internalized them all (which is pretty unlikely this day and age).

    If you had more time, I probably would have suggested learning a foreign language like spanish (which helped me greatly in understanding english because of the depth to which you deconstruct the language in order to learn it properly which you do not get in regular english classes), but yeah, throw yourself at those tests.
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    Well, you should internalize them all because that's the only way you really learn. But I agree, the best thing to do is practice tests. Also remember that the PSAT is pretty much of a practice test in itself so don't worry too much.
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    just wanted to point out that this thread is over 2 years old, so doesnt really matter now.
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    You know I didn't think to check the date posted but I did find it curious someone with 1100 posts to his name on such a website would be learning for the psat :rofl:
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