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Pseudo random number algorithm

  1. May 19, 2008 #1
    I'm trying to figure out this little problem. I'm trying to figure out which algorithm is being used.I know the set of numbers is being used to generate the 5 digit number. I believe a Pseudo random number generator algorithm is being used. I know the set of number are being used as the seed, not sure if a,b & c are treated as separate variables or they are concatenated. a,b &c are the input and the 5digit number is the output

    a:347 b:851 c:0381 = 86013

    a:347 b:547 c:5840 = 54552

    a:347 b:258 c:8744 = 49785

    a:347 b:852 c:1707 = 39888

    Let me know if anyone has any Ideas.
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