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Pseudoscience in my country

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    hi all

    ive scanning the media in my country and find a lot of pseudoscience, because of a political law of "freedom of thinking", this crap is really making big damage in our society, we are infested of astrologist, numerologist,magic cristals, everything you can imagine, and there are nobody that refuses them and make see the true
    real scientist dont worry about it
    even there is an insolit case of two brothers , one is astronomer and the other astrologist!!
    any idea of what can i do from my position?
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    Hello Juan,
    Yeah, that freedom of thinking business is a monster! :biggrin:
    My idea is to simply relax, provided of course these people are not attempting to cause you personal injury. It is inevitable that people will have differing views and I don’t think it an overstatement to suggest that clashing opinions can bring deeper understanding, even advancement. Raise your children as you see fit, discuss the matter with people around you, and enjoy your life.
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    You may be surprised to learn that it isn't much different in the US. We may have the benefit of a better education system, but not even good education can overcome all of human nature. My boss for example, is near as I can tell an excellent engineer, and he has homeopathic medicines in his desk.

    What can you do? Educate yourself and those close to you (your kids when/if you get some).
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    I agree with Russ - education is tops. As well, learn some critical thinking skills, which will force you to question the validity and credibility of those claims. Understand the differences between science and pseudoscience - one is built on the the scientific method while the other is speculation not based on any methods. For example, astronomy is science while astrology is pseudoscience.
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