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Homework Help: PSI Formula Help

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    If I have a cylinder with water at 50 PSI, is there any way to calculate how much water it would take to raise the pressure to 150 PSI?
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    Pressure = height x density.
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    Let me add some additional information. This is for a pipeline with roughly 3.6 million pounds of water and 57500 cubic feet of area. The density is just over 1 g/cm3 at 50 PSI. Height will remain constant as will the volume. So by my thinking, I will have to add 3 times the water to increase the density by 3 times and thus the pressure 3 times. But that is contrary to my experiences with raising the PSI of pipelines in this manner.

    Any thoughts?
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    You are thinking of an ideal gas. Water is no such thing. You need a figure for the compessiblity of water.
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