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PSPBRICK, virus on PSP!

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    Well I just did a search and didn't see any threads about this, but it is rather big news. It even went on the news on TV, although I didn't see it.

    There has been the first virus for the PSP (Playstation portable game system) by sony. It is called PSPbrick. It deletes the critical files for the PSP to restart. When you turn it on, a message comes up and you cannot turn your PSP back on

    It is a 250 dollar machine, so this is a big deal.

    I'm not exactly sure how you get the virus. However, downloading from any site other than sony you have a large likelyhood of getting it. It is caused by one of these:

    1) A 2.0 verison of the PSP update, but it has the virus in it
    2) A downgrader for the PSP, to downgrade your verison to a lower one so people can put 'homebrew' on their PSP which is sony is agianst. And has made updates so people cant do this.
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    Boring news. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    It's not boring pengwuino. :devil:

    I had heard about this the other day, but hadn't paid too much attention.

    Good warning for those susceptible. thanks QuantumTheory.
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    no problem. ONLY DOWNLOAD fromt he offical sony site and you should be fine. P2P networks are the root cause
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