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Pspice capture help

  1. Feb 7, 2007 #1
    Hi all,
    This is first time I am using Pspice. I have 9.1 student version.
    I am using Pspice capture user's guide for reference. Following an example from there, I was trying to do bias point calculation using Capture.
    I have no knowledge about Pspice and I am following the user's guide only.

    But when I tried to run it ,using mentioned steps,... I am getting some errors.
    It says 'undefined diodes'.
    I am hereby attaching log file for your reference.


    **** 02/07/07 18:13:40 *********** Evaluation PSpice (Nov 1999) **************

    ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-Bias" [ C:\Program Files\OrCAD_Demo\Capture\clipper-SCHEMATIC1-Bias.sim ]



    ** Creating circuit file "clipper-SCHEMATIC1-Bias.sim.cir"

    * Local Libraries :
    * From [PSPICE NETLIST] section of pspiceev.ini file:
    .lib "nom.lib"

    *Analysis directives:
    .INC "clipper-SCHEMATIC1.net"

    **** INCLUDING clipper-SCHEMATIC1.net ****
    * source CLIPPER
    V_V1 VCC OUT 5v
    R_R1 IN MID 1k
    R_R4 OUT OUT 5.6k
    D_D1 N00100 VCC D1N3940
    R_R2 N00097 VCC 3.3
    R_R3 N00097 OUT 3.3k
    D_D2 OUT N00100 D1N3940
    V_VIn IN OUT 0Vdc
    C_C1 MID OUT 0.47u

    **** RESUMING clipper-SCHEMATIC1-Bias.sim.cir ****
    .INC "clipper-SCHEMATIC1.als"

    **** INCLUDING clipper-SCHEMATIC1.als ****
    V_V1 V1(+=VCC -=OUT )
    R_R1 R1(1=IN 2=MID )
    R_R4 R4(1=OUT 2=OUT )
    D_D1 D1(1=N00100 2=VCC )
    R_R2 R2(1=N00097 2=VCC )
    R_R3 R3(1=N00097 2=OUT )
    D_D2 D2(1=OUT 2=N00100 )
    V_VIn VIn(+=IN -=OUT )
    C_C1 C1(1=MID 2=OUT )
    _ _(mid=MID)
    _ _(In=IN)
    _ _(Vcc=VCC)
    _ _(Out=OUT)
    _ _(GND_POWER=OUT)

    **** RESUMING clipper-SCHEMATIC1-Bias.sim.cir ****

    ERROR -- Model D1N3940 used by D_D1 is undefined
    ERROR -- Model D1N3940 used by D_D2 is undefined


    If anybody can help me in understanding this error and how to remove it.... that would be a great help. I really appreciate if some one can help.
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    I don't know this software, but...
    I'll guess that D1N3940 is an invalid diode identifier.
    Try removing the D and use 1N3940.
  4. Feb 8, 2007 #3
    I confirmed that you do need the full part name (D1N3940). Your output file seems to be missing the model parameters. You can right click on the part in Capture and click on EDIT PSPICE MODEL. You should have something that looks like this:

    .MODEL D1N3940 D(
    + IS = 4E-10
    + RS = .105
    + N = 1.48
    + TT = 8E-7
    + CJO = 1.95E-11
    + VJ = .4
    + M = .38
    + EG = 1.36
    + XTI = -8
    + KF = 0
    + AF = 1
    + FC = .9
    + BV = 600
    + IBV = 1E-4
    + )
  5. Feb 8, 2007 #4
    Thanks for you help.
    I will try implementing your suggestions.
    Thanks for your time
  6. Feb 8, 2007 #5
    It worked.

    Thanks you.
  7. Feb 9, 2007 #6
    Thats good news. I wonder why it wasn't there?
  8. Apr 1, 2007 #7

    Im having the same problem, but when i right-click on the part, there is no option for editing the part. im using 9.1 student version of orcad.
  9. Apr 4, 2007 #8
    andi, left click on the part, click Edit ~> Model ~> Edit Instance Model (text)

    I use the text one because it's pretty straightforward to change a spec (delete old value, type in the new one, hit save)

    this will change the specs on just that single part, not every single one

    EDIT: whoops, that was for PSpice, i'm not sure if orcad is the same. sorry
  10. Jan 4, 2008 #9
    Hi everybody! I have the problem like ram0001's, but when I right click on the part in Capture and click on EDIT PSPICE MODEL, a message appear and yell that "Error-Model D1 3940 Not Found!". I don't know how to fix it! Do I need making a file with the content of emlombardo and put it into any folder to make it run? Thank you so much if anyone can help me! Thank for your help!

    I don't know why my OrCAD Capture 9.2 hide the choices "analog and Mixed A/D" and "Programable logic wizard" when I make new project.

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    Last edited: Jan 4, 2008
  11. Jan 5, 2008 #10
    pspsice is now owned by orcad so fundamentally the same...

    when accessing libraries, at start up, ensure you add libraries for your poject that are pspice enabled.....some libraries are only for stuff like schematic, pcb etc...

    the main library i use to test an idea is the breakout library....always load that one for your tests....it includes all your basic needs....

    also, for ground, use the power ground that has the zero label and that will take care of any ground errors you get. normally accessed from the drop down power menu....depending on the version you have.
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