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Pspice Capture Lite

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    I installed Pspice Capture Lite from my student cd that came with my EE book, but the only things in the library are what I DON'T need! :cry: It has no analog voltage or current source!????? Does anyone have or know where I can download an extended library of parts? Also, can anyone tell me how to a voltage/current dependent source into a circuit?


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    In case you're interested, there's a free spice simulator with schematic capture available at the website of Linear:

    http://www.linear.com/company/software.jsp [Broken]

    It is presented as a tool to simulate their components, but it is in fact a fully working spice simulator. I got the tip from a consultant that did a job for us and I asked him if he knew of a good free spice simulator, and he referred me to that place. I used it in the mean time for several projects, with imported spice models from other vendors, and it works great.
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    Most spice tools have elements called VSRC and ISRC that are voltage and current sources, respectively.

    - Warren
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    You've got to add all the libraries in the parts window
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