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Pspice problem

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    Hi guys, I'm having a problem simulating the following circuit:
    http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/986/labtcfe.jpg [Broken]

    I want to set those zener diodes to have a reverse biased voltage of 9.1V and forward biased of 1.2V but I don't know how to do it.

    The second problem, is that I can't see, when I simulate, the Graph of those 2 V marks versus the time.

    Can Someone help me out plz? I've attached the .sch file.

    Thx :)

    Edit: Just noticed that R2 and R3 are switched. R2= 10k and R3=20.6k

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    Here's the way to do it in MicroCAP SPICE. PSPICE may be similar. Is there anything in the Help files or application notes at the PSICE website?


    Alternately, you can do it as described in "Semiconductor Device Modelling with SPICE" by Antognetti and Massobrio. They build a macromodel with a DC voltage source in series with a standard diode in the forward direction (anode to cathode), and a DC voltage source in series with a diode and resistor in the reverse breakdown direction.
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    Thx for the help, I will check it out :)
    I didn't find much support on PSpice website about this...
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