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PSpice software needed

  1. Jul 15, 2006 #1
    PSpice software needed :(

    hey guys. i urgently need the Orcad Pspice software :( please if anyone has a link from which i can download the software , i would be very thankfull ...

    P.S this link http://www.cadence.com/products/si_pk_bd/pspice.aspx is not working ...


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    Do you specifically need the OrCAD version? Could you just use one of the many freely-available SPICE packages instead?

    Here's one: http://www.geda.seul.org/tools/ngspice/index.html [Broken]

    - Warren
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  4. Jul 15, 2006 #3
    didn't the use to offer it for free for students?
    did they change that policy?
  5. Jul 16, 2006 #4
    well.. apparently , they didn't change the policy , but after u access the link , you should fill an application so that they can send u an e-mail that allows u to download it for free . I didn't get any ! that's what the problem is ...
    thanks for ur replies
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