Psychic Weighs In on Electric Failure

In summary, Elizabeth Baron, a self-proclaimed psychic, offered an explanation for the recent power outage in the Northeast and parts of Canada. However, her claims were met with skepticism as she stated that her predictions cannot be proven and that the government will not announce if the perpetrator is caught. Many believe this is a common tactic used by psychics to cover their tracks and avoid criticism. Despite this, some people still believe in the extraordinary abilities of psychics.
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Just hours after the electricity went out across the Northeast and parts of Canada last Thursday, Elizabeth Baron of, a lady with some psychic insight, sent us her explanation of what had happened.
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Classic idiocy.

Creates an outrageous claim and covers her tracks so if she's wrong no one will be able to attack.

She states we won't know if he's caught because it won't be announced to avoid copycat attacks.

Yeah right - that's a classic B.S. move by psychics to cover their own tracks.

I mean come on - to date not a single person has proven any of the hundreds of scientific organizations looking into this that they have absolutely any more than the normal ability to predict events.

Sad thing is some of these people actually believe they do have some extraordinary ability.
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h0 h0

Biolog, do you just spend all day looking through the pseduo-science and religious forums for things to dismiss asstastically?

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1. Can psychics accurately predict electrical failures?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that psychics can predict electrical failures. While some people may believe in the abilities of psychics, there is no scientific basis for their predictions.

2. How do psychics claim to predict electrical failures?

Psychics may use a variety of methods, such as intuition or divination tools like tarot cards or crystal balls, to make predictions about future events. However, these methods have not been scientifically proven to be accurate.

3. Can psychics prevent electrical failures from happening?

No, psychics do not have the ability to prevent electrical failures. The cause of electrical failures is typically due to technical or mechanical issues, and cannot be predicted or prevented by psychics.

4. Are there any cases where a psychic has accurately predicted an electrical failure?

There are anecdotal reports of psychics making accurate predictions about future events, including electrical failures. However, these claims have not been scientifically verified and may be attributed to chance or coincidence.

5. Should I rely on a psychic for advice on preventing electrical failures?

It is not recommended to rely on a psychic for advice on preventing electrical failures. Instead, it is best to consult with a qualified electrician or follow proper safety protocols to minimize the risk of electrical failures.

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