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Psychogy help

  1. Oct 15, 2004 #1
    10 month ago, my girfriend and I misundertand, i slap her very strong,
    But she did not cry. she run away. i sad then too, I call her but she didnot answer and since then i know i lost her.
    1 month ago, i went very far to do jobs. at taht time I really lonely, i sat in a bar and suddenly heard a song she likes, I went back to my hotel room, sat down and sad again, this time it sad very sad, sadder than before, I cried too.

    I still love her right ?

    4 day ago, i went to supermarket, and i saw a girl' back weraing clothes she had same, I made mistake and shame me in public :tongue:, but when I turn around, I saw real her buying cookies and look at me too. and then she laughed, I feel happy. but does that mean she still love me ?
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  3. Oct 15, 2004 #2
    i slaped her not only one, but many time many time, i know whats why she ran away without tear.
    I admit i also do a lot of thing wrong, like yelling at her in public many time too.
    im bad, really bad.
    but she still smile with me, this hurt my head a lot when i think of it
  4. Oct 15, 2004 #3
    It sounds like you feel guilty. The important question is do you feel bad about what you did, because you know it's wrong, or do you feel bad because of what happened as a result when you lost her?

    If you feel bad about what you did (which it sounds like is the case) and you are really serious about changing your ways, tell her this the next time you see her. Tell her you're sorry, and you understand why she left. If you don't see her around just leave her a messege if she has the same phone number. If she doesn't call back don't leave more messeges, just let her go. A lot of girls stay in abusive relationships, without running away, so I could imagine it's possible that she will come back to you. It won't hurt you to try, and even if she says no, you will get over it faster. If she says no, don't resent her for it. Another lady will come your way, and you learned your lesson so it shouldn't happen again.

    No matter what though, you should deal with your anger problem. A lot of towns have a community outreach with inexpensive counseling (regular counseling is really expensive!) and a lot of employers have free confidential counseling too. Also, if you can't afford therapy, there are anger management classes and self help groups. Check the phonebook or the internet. There's a chance that when you tell her you will change, she may just think you're saying that to win her back and not believe you, but if you tell her you're getting help, then she'll know you're serious and it will improve your chances.

    Good luck.
  5. Oct 15, 2004 #4
    You my life saver, man! :wink:
    I think of Monday, I go to her home and stay till she say she love me. if she don say, i go outside and grab anothet
  6. Oct 15, 2004 #5
    What? What's "anothet"?
  7. Oct 15, 2004 #6
    You tell me to wait till another come if she dont say she still love me.
    What if you are me, you wait or go lok for another gilr or do what ??
  8. Oct 15, 2004 #7
    Why not do both?
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