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Psychotronic device

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    Found an interesting link about a supposed kind of mind control device called the LIDA machine, anybody know if this is for real or if there is anymore information about it. see: http://raven1.net/lida.htm
    EDIT: I seem to remember richard dawkins being subjected to some sort of (electric field?) electromagnetic radiation to induce some sort of spiritual high, I also did not know (think) mkultra was for real until now, crazy stuff no?
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    Well, I do know this: The former U.S. embassy in Russia was found to have unusual cone-shaped metallic objects embedded in the concrete and place during construction by Russian contractors.
    It was later determined by U.S. intelligence that these cone-shaped objects were being used as follows: An external microwave beam(s) directed against the outside walls by Russian intelligence would interact with these metallic objects and reflect back towards microwave receiving devices. Acoustic vibration(such as people speaking inside the embassy) would weakly vibrate the objects such to modulate the return microwaves and thus serve as "listening" devices.
    After this discovery, U.S. authorities demolished the embassy and built a new one, supposedly with U.S. contractors.
    It is believed(though I have no proof), that the investigation into the entire situation leading to the discovery was a result of complaints from embassy personnel expieriencing headaches and other unusual mental dysfunctions while in the embassy. While investigating potential environmental causes for these complaints the cone-shaped metal objects were discovered in the walls, thousands of them, in most every wall.
    In other words, the external microwave beams used to spy on the U.S. embassy was also creating a noticable differance in mental functioning.
    I believe you can find this report somewhere on the internet.
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