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Psycological help

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    Just wanted to know
    is there any site on internet or blogs that offer free psycological help to students suffering from deep depression?
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    I would recommend seeing a professional in person if your suffering from deep depression. As for an online service, google it.

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    Most universities have some sort of mental health services available to students, at least for short term issues (they can refer you to someone for long-term treatment if necessary). If you're still in high school (I have no idea of your age), then there ought to be school counselors who can offer the same guidance in locating help. If you're not sure where to get help, your teachers or professors will also have this information. There's no need to worry about asking them for help, depression and stress-related issues are quite common among students, so any faculty at your school probably have been giving a list of resources of where to send students who come to them asking about getting help.
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    I understand that you're in india, so i'm not sure what specific options are open to you, but good for you for asking for help. That may be the hardest part.

    If you can't talk to a professional, it might be helpful just to read about depression (www.depression.com) and understand that many, many people suffer from it. Try to find somebody to talk to about it whether they are a professional or not. A friend, relative, teacher, classmate, coworker, or clergyperson are all possibilities.

    The biggest thing to realize is that your feelings are not unusual. Talk about it. It will help.

    Best of luck.
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    actually i think i am suffering from depression on numerous times i had feeling like
    just leave everything and go away somewhere,i have frequent outbursts of anger
    my social enviornment is not very good. i have frequent quarrels with my parents from my early days i dont like interacting socially
    i have a high bp remais at 150/95 most of time when i am sad,angry etc.
    the bp is unusual for a person 18 years of age so i dont know about medications.i had got numerous tests done and they have shown that there is physical problem.
    i dont think i can go to psychologist . my problem is hampering my studies and no where to go.
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