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Pthread and multiple CPU

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    First question is:
    I want to assign 8 threads to 8 processors (must one to one), when I initialize the thread, does it guarantee that each CPU has one thread?
    or there can be some case such that 4 threads on one process and other 4 thread on 4 processors and 3 processors have no threads at all?

    Second question is:
    For instance, one processor has 4 jobs running, is it possible to shift 2 of them to other processors? using IPC stuffs? or other methods?

    For the above questions, is there any reference links that I can visit?
    I am new to threading. Thanks ahead to anyone answer my questions.
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    In C, using Posix threads, you can use pthread_processor_bind_np() to associate a thread to a specific processor. Using cthreads it's something like cthreads_thread_alloc(..., node) where node is the processor to run on.
    If you don't specify, then the thread will probably run on a processor chosen depending on the OS scheduling algorithm i would imagine.
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