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PTI forever?

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    I have interviewed for a full-time position 2 times and both times I was told that the only reason that I was not hired was because the person that was chosen had more experience than I do...however the Department heads both times told me that they want me to stick around to teach 10-14 hours (full time is 15, as you probably know). I only have a year in the classroom outside of being a TA (for two years, plus EXTENSIVE tutoring) and the people that were chosen both have 20+ years experience(CLASSROOM).

    I have had EXCELLENT student evals and my failure rate is HALF of my colleagues'. (Not hard to have a rate that's half of everyone else's when the existing one was 50%.....)

    Should I go to the high school realm or should I go ahead and make $20,000/yr less than those who are teaching fewer classes? (I'm teaching Developmental Math and it's a 3-2-2 set up ((3 hours credit, 2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab...as of this semester, the TA's will run the labs))....we only get 2 hours credit for each class) which means that 14 hours is 7 classes. The full time folks have 5 or MAYBE 6 classes. Is this considered paying my dues or just "we need a body"?

    Do you think that I have a chance of going full time? Am I just being used? Or both?

    You guys who have been there please tell me what you think.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Re: PTI...forever?

    Regarding the high school option, does your state have a fast-track to the classroom (aka "alternative licensure" or "alternative certification"), or will you need to take the required education coursework first before you can get a job?
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    Re: PTI...forever?

    Yeah, We have the fast track thing. You are required to take online classes with the University and are allowed to teach in the meantime. There are 2 spots open now for the Fall in Trig, Calc I and Algebra (I & II). I dunno what to do. I like teaching in the College setting because classroom management issues are much easier. The high school here can be scary. Lots of gangs, etc......
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    Re: PTI...forever?

    according to ks_physicist
    it sounds like a must
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