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Public forums/nations bans

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    Public forums mimic nations in that each nation has its own laws/guidelines, and the "members" either abide by those rules or are banned, basically. While there are many other similarities and differences, I am focusing upon the whole idea and not necessarily the intracies involved.

    What I am talking about is that when a member gets banned from a forum, or a citizen gets deported from a nation, that individual deemed not worthy in one particular forum or nation, is still able to gain membership in another forum, and continue the behaviour that originally deemed him not worthy.

    I believe that such an environment where there are multiple forums/nations within, ultimately preserves that behaviour which the particular forum/nation deems not worthy.

    Just because the problem doesn't exist in your backyard doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist, and it usually means the problem does exist in someone's backyard.

    I say let's look in everyone's backyard. The whole yard.

    So, does such a 'system' of multiple nations ultimately preserve the bad?
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    Usually, "bad paople", particularly the citizens of a country, are thrown into jail, not out of the country.
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    Chi Meson

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    Are you suggesting we unilaterally intervene in other forum sites? Sort of a pre-emptive strike on crakpots?
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    I honestly don't know what this thread is trying to say. I wanted to post that picture of a bunny with the pancake on its head, but the approval time for attachments would have spoilt the joke.
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    People sometime make WAY too many analogies of things that may have no similarities whatsoever.

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    Lets take them down!! We can all watch them and laugh :biggrin:


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    Why would we need to? If some crackpot signs up for PF and starts posting his "theories" then his thread gets locked(or deleted) and some mentor can explain why it's worng and if doesn't execpt it and keeps posting his "theories" his thread would get deleted and he gets banned and if he wants to go post on some other fourm then he can but he just can't do it hear.

    I think sometimes PF members take the crackpot proble to seorisly.
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    For a serious logical scientific forum, i don't think such a problem can be taken too seriously.
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    Not serious enough I'd say.

    I agree with ZapperZ. We are comtemplating about nothing... well less than that even.
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