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Public safety and precautious

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    Recently, i have seen a lot of crimes keep on happening, those crime i mean are theft, rape, robbery, etc....

    Care to share your opinion on what to be aware of and what to do if u meet one?

    I have some questions to start with,

    What to do if u are being followed (either it is inside car or walking) ?

    What to do if you are being ambushed?

    What you should be aware of when u coming out from bank? What you should not do inside?

    When you go to travel around in another country, where do u keep ur passport and those important documents?

    In some cases, those people purposely crash ur car in order to get u out of ur car so they can rob/take u away/ take ur car away.... What you should do in this case?
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    1. Use my Uzi.
    2. Use my Uzi
    3. There could be people with Uzis.
    4. Use my Uzi.
    5. behind my Uzi.
    6. ...It is pretty obvious. I would use my Uzi.

    Default reply line: "You all saw it. He came at me with a knife."

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    (1)Ignorance is bliss
    (2)Panic then run
    (3)The steps. Not wave guns about or stare down the cashiers top.
    (4)I dont.
    (5)Let them have the car, run. Ive never owned a vehicle worth more than my life, or £500 for that matter.
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    I'm with Matt on this one, although my preference in weapons is somewhat different. (Not that I'm faulting Uzi's; they're one of the best ever made. They just don't fit into my lifestyle.)
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    (The term can also be applied to handguns, with weak firepower.)

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    My preference, in fact, is a .45ACP. My standard carry-gun was a Llama IXA, but I intend to replace it with a Firestar. I also have some that I designed that I like even better, but I'd best not get into details about them. Let's just say that I'd rather get shot than face one of my own weapons.
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    I thought you were Canadian, but handguns are illegal here. If they were legal I would be packing enough heat to melt the ice caps.
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    Oh wow, in some sense, u are more dangerous than those people following you!
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