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Public service?

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    Public service??

    I am thinking of studyig a language and I have learned that a degree in that language will allow me to work in the public service. What exactly is the public service? What kind of institutions/firms/organisations are there in the public service?
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    I would really appreciate if someone replied. Please?
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    A little more background would help.
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    In the USA a language degree would be helpful in work in the diplomatic corp, in immigration service, foreign affairs department, multinational business, commerce department, military, dealing with the public in largely multinligual areas of the country in various levels of government agencies such as the police, internal revenue, licensing, etc.
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    Thallium, what language is it that would help you for a public service job in Norway? The public sector of an economy is that part paid for by the government, and jobs can range from stoop labor to the highly intellectual. One that had a language requirement would presumably have something to do with foreign relations, unless the language were Finnish. I believe there are Finns in northern Norway? Are you interested in social work?
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