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Public Star Parties

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    Has anyone ever been to one of these? I'm going to one for the first time this saturday and I'm just wondering what to expect. What exactly goes on? Do they just set up the telescopes pointing to different celestial objects and you go around looking through each one?

    I am majoring in astrophysics in college right now and I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with these kinds of things and the community. I'm gonna try to go to them as much as possible. I love astronomy!
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    That's pretty much what happens. It's usually organized, and approved by authorities, so you don't get the cops shining flashlights in your eyes. They pick a location with a good dark sky, often shortly after new moon, so the moon sets quickly, allowing deep sky observing.

    And you are part of the "they" you talk about. So if you have a telescope, bring it. Lots of people with some pretty nice equipment like to show off their gear. Expect to see some large dobs. If you're thinking of getting a telescope, its nice to see various scopes.
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    Be sure to use red lighting so as not to disturb other people. And avoid green laser because people may be astrophographing...
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