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Publication with Mathematica

  1. May 31, 2007 #1
    Hi all.
    I am using Mathematica to do a project.
    I have produced the results, a lot of lengthy mathematical functions and expressions, in Mathematica.
    The problem I am facing is how to output these lengthy expressions into some "nice-looking" format?
    It is impossible for me to re-type the expressions in Equation Editor in Microsoft Word according to the result in Mathematica, I know that's stupid.

    But directly "copy and paste" the results onto a word document is not working well. The expressions are "ugly" in Word.

    So I am wondering how I can extract the expressions I produced from Mathematica and format it nicely.
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    If you can use TeX or LateX to type your document, you may use the TeXForm[result] command in Mathematica to see the "result" in TeX form, then you can copy-paste it. By the way, there was a program (not free) which translates LaTeX files into Word files but I do not remember the name.
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    If you are using Windows you could open up Mathematica, and then take a screen shot by pressing the 'Print Screen' button. You can then open up an image editor such and GIMP and create a new image the same size as your screen resolution. From there you can paste your screen shot into the image editor, and then crop out individual equations.

    Now that I think about it, cosmicstring's solution sounds like it might be a bit easier.
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    You can print directly from Mathematica.

    You can export from Mathematica as PDF.

    You can send notebook files and tell people to get the free Mathematica Reader.

    You can go to Save As Special > Tex and the entire notebook will compile in TeX.

    You can export individual cells containing equations as eps or even gif files, and then import them into word.

    As a last resort, or a quick fix, you can just use print screen.
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    Chris Hillman

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    I hope no-one will take this the wrong way, but I find it difficult to take seriously anyone who writes a mathematical document in MS Word. Latex is so vastly superior that it really makes sense to learn to use it. The good news is it really isn't hard to pick up, for example by left clicking on formulae at PF (which brings up a pop-up window showing the latex code used to format the formula). There's a bit more to it than that of course, but you can find documentation on-line which will fill in the gaps. And as you probably already know, Mathematica and Maple have commands which convert output from these systems into tex. Since latex is just a vast set of macros for tex, these will work perfectly in your latex document.
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