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Publish new theory?

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    Hello guys, don't frick out...
    I am a 18 years old guy who is in love with Physics. I came out with some theories regarding quantum physics. I don't pretend to say they are right, and they are probably not. But i really want to publish them so even if they are not I will have some good reasons given by real physicists. I tried to publish them in this forum but one of the rules is that it is illegal to publish personal theories and I understand it.
    If you can please help me to find a way to safely publish and take the merit of them, even if they sound all messed up to you.

    Can anybody please help me? thank you.
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    One possibility is to make the title "What is wrong with my understanding of quantum physics?". Then, under this title, you can write how you understand it, with expressions such as "my new theory" replaced by "my naive picture", or something similar.
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    Is it safe? I don't want people to steal my stupid thinkings :frown::nb)
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    Without exceptions, all revolutions / innovations in any field have been brought by people who were extremely well-versed on the previously established ideas. Even if your ideas have some good intuitions, most of them will be naive and thus wrong: you're asking someone else to correct them, so they would automatically take a lot of credit anyway. Study physics on your own until you can correct them yourself if you're so sure about them: so even if you find out they were wrong, at least you will have gained a lot of knowledge anyway. Win-win.
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    I'll be very direct:
    No you did not.
    If you have questions, feel free to ask them, but there is no point in opening the 2126th thread "I don't understand quantum mechanics but I think nature is like this". Seriously, no physicist is interested in reading the same misconceptions as "theory" over and over again. I am a physicist and I know how those threads look like.
    I closed this thread.
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