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Publishing a Math Paper

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    I thought I'd post this under GD, but maybe there are some things specific to math papers that don't apply to other scholarly articles as well as things of other scholarly journals that don't apply to math ones.

    I'm wondering how to go about publishing or even submitting a paper.

    I'm fairly sure that apart from the research on the paper, one must be sure that no one has published an article or thesis on that exact subject. This much, I think I've accomplished.

    I'm not sure that what I did was all 100% correct and I know I should know that. It seems okay to me but I was hoping :confused: that the editor would work with me since this is my first time and not reject me permanently for having a flawed work; maybe even tell me what to fix before I can submit it. Maybe I might as well keep dreaming on that regard.

    I think the second step would be to find a journal with similar interests. I believe the Journal of Symbolic Logic would be the right journal for me, though there are definitely more than one out there where my paper would belong.

    And what about arxiv.org? What's up with that?

    I'm specifically looking for feedback from those who have successfully written and published papers before; I dunno, maybe mathwonk, matt grime, or hurkyl (in no order). Any feedback is definitely appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Before you submit your paper you should consider having some of your colleagues review your manuscript.
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    I unfortunately don't have any colleagues who'd be interested in reading it (I work at a 2-year school). I tried to email someone in the field. It would be really cool to get feedback off this paper just so I can try to submit a really good version.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    What subject is the paper on?
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    That would be helpful. I should have posted that at least on the off chance someone here would want to read my 7 (or so) page paper.

    In short, it is a set theory using non-classical logic. Perhaps a not too popular field. It's pretty elementary though compared to what's out there. I tried to make it quite accessible for the non-logician (which is what I consider myself to be!).

    I'll give my rough abstract which has gone through zero revision.

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