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Pull force

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    A man is trying to pull his car by using rope. Which one is easier to pull? holding the rope nearer to the car or further from the car?
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    Meir Achuz

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    There is no difference unless you are so close to the car that the rope is not nearly horizontal.
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    .. or if the rope itself has a considerable weight.

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    The greater impact might be when you are too much close to the car, in that case you will have direct influence of your force on the car
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    The force is transfered without loss at any distance.
    However, there is a perfect angle for pulling objects. The ratio between pulling the object up and pulling it horizontal can be optimized.
    But I assume the for a heavy car the best pulling angle is nearly horizontal.
    In the end also the human anatomy matters. In some positions it's easier to pull.
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    There is more gravitational attraction between the man and the car when close, but on the surface of the earth it's completely insignificant.
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