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Pulley and Masses Problem

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    Hi this problem stumps me.

    In the figure shown, co-efficient of friction between the block of 10kg and 5kg is 0.4 . There is no friction between the 10kg block and the surface on which it is placed. The system of block is released from rest in the shown situation. Find the distance moved y the block C when block A descends through a distance of 2m.

    Please help.I have drawn the FBDs of the blocks. I am sure it is right but I am confused on whether the block of 10kg will move with B or whether they will slip.http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/476/qjn9.png [Broken]
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    Start by considering the forces acting within the system. Find the tension in the string.
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    Assume either that it does slip, or it doesn't slip, and do the problem. Then check for consistency. If it slips, the 10kg block will have an acceleration you can easily calculate. Is that consistent with the acceleration you find for the 5kg block? If it doesn't slip, the 10kg block has the same acceleration as the 5kg block. Is there enough force available to make that happen?
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