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Homework Help: Pulley problem

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    Ok I am new this forum so hello to all. Here is the problem that ive been working on. Is this right or wrong and what is the right answer?

    Two blocks are connected by a rope that wraps around a pulley. A force of 50 N acts on the 5 kg mass at an angle of 36 degrees.

    1. what is the normal force on the 5kg mass?(I got 15.55 N)
    2. what is the acceleration of the blocks and the tension in the rope?(2.6 m/s squared for acceleration, but I cant figure out the tension)

    Im sure I got this question wrong so thats why Im using this board. Also can someone post up the formulas that they used to solve this problem.

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    Doc Al

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    Please describe the physical arrangement of the blocks in more detail (a picture would help). Also: Post your work, not just your answers.
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