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Homework Help: Pulley Question (Translation)

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    Hey, I will post the actual question later. First of all I would like to just make sure I have interpreted the question correctly.

    The Question

    (a) By considering the motion of A, find, in terms of m and g, the tension in the string.

    What is it actually asking me here? In terms of, does that mean find a value for m and g or what?

    Thank you
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    It is looking for the tension. m and g, will appear as variables, in the expression for Tension.
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    I'm sorry I don't understand that. Does that mean that m and g could be unknown?
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    Yes, it just means leave m and g in as terms in the tension; you don't need to bother working out what they are.
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    That is great news! That means I haven't gone wrong yet. I'll post the question here in a bit if I get stuck. Thanks to you both! :smile:
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